Milton Babbitt
Professor of Music, Emeritus
Princeton University

"The New Millennium Ensemble's very name invokes the utopian enthusiasm of its individually brilliant young musicians, shaped into a superb ensemble, devoted to performing a range of compositions, prepared as thoroughly and knowingly as they must be, and presented as expertly and enthusiastically as they can be."


Steven Mackey
Professor of Music,
Princeton University

"The New Millennium Ensemble is the most exciting group of musicians I have ever worked with. The clear, accurate detail and vivid character of their playing represents the state-of-the-art in Twentieth-Century Music performance. Since they specialize in music by living composers they will likely set the standard in the twenty-first century as well."

Donald Martino
Professor of Music Emeritus
Harvard University

"If its music, and you want to hear it the way the composer heard it, listen to the New Millennium Ensemble. These young virtuosos perform the music of our time not only with consummate expertise, but with the enthusiasm, wisdom, and poetry usually associated only with the superstars of The Three B World. When the New Millennium Ensemble performs my music, I'm a happy person."

Robert Morris
Professor of Theory and Composition,
Eastman School of Music

"The New Millennium Ensemble has met the challenge of new ars subtilior. These young musicians transcend sheer virtuosity in search of musical substance. Their performances, no matter what the repertoire are always vivid, compelling and vital."

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